MOJO is water and light

MOJO's is the worlds first beverage product designed to provide all of the refreshing, cleansing and hydrating properties of water along with the energizing and uplifting benefits of light.

MOJO is fun and useful

MOJO shines bright during celebrations, like birthdays and holidays. MOJO can light up an evening walk or camping trip. MOJO can be stored around the home for an emergency or placed in your car, just in case.

MOJO is helping people

Every bottle of MOJO helps pay for programs designed to provide people in need with more reliable sources of water and energy. MOJO is working to dig wells, install community solar systems and fund clean energy research.

MOJO symbolizes a global problem that the product
itself is able to solve.

MOJO is a product but, more importantly it's a symbol. MOJO symbolizes a global problem that the product itself is able to solve. MOJO is ingenious, it's creative and represents an advance in technology. All of these things are required in order to bring the elements of LIFE to those who need them the most.

MOJO is helping to save lives

About 3.5 million people die each year from indoor pollution caused by the smoke generated by indoor wood fires. That's more deaths than the total caused by malaria and HIV/AIDS combined.

MOJO creates awareness

Nigeria produces the highest quantity of oil in Africa, yet it has the second highest number of people without safe energy in the world (behind India).

MOJO in the United States

Consider places like Tulare, California with its severe drought and Detroit, Michigan gripped by poverty, whole neighborhoods in the US, have been cut off from water and power.

MOJO is committed

Access to piped water into the household averages about 85 percent for the wealthiest 20 percent of the population, compared with 25 percent for the poorest 20 percent.

10 to 1 sustainability policy (#mojo1021)

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