At MOJO, we feel companies today need to learn how to exist and behave within the rules of the society in which they operate. Consider the companies with which you do business. If those companies were people, would you want them living next door?

MOJO is committed to being a responsible global citizen. We are constantly analyzing our methods and looking for ways to improve, give back and develop with a sense of integrity and purpose.

A company with purpose

MOJO represents LIFE. Both literally and figuratively, MOJO delivers the two most important elements people need to live and survive. Half of all people suffering in developing countries are plagued by health problems caused by a lack of clean water...And nearly 1 in 5 people on the planet lack the most basic access to electricity. Even in the United States, whole communities have been shut off from water and power due to poverty.

The founders of MOJO, having struggled with childhood poverty themselves, know what it is like to go without. They know what it's like to live in a home without running water. They know what it's like to go days and weeks without the electricity and light needed to complete homework assignments, prepare hot meals and keep warm.

Every bottle of MOJO helps pay for programs designed to provide people in need with more reliable sources of water and energy. MOJO is determined to make clean water and a reliable source of power available to every man, woman and child on earth..., regardless of income.

A product with purpose

MOJO believes, breakthroughs in technology are the only real long-term solution to ending poverty in the US and around the World. The MOJO product symbolizes the technology, creativity and commitment required to address this issue.

With profits from our 'light up' water product, MOJO is funding educational programs, emergency assistance, well digging projects, community solar installations and research focused on ending the World's water and energy problems.