MOJO Water & Light is the World's first 'light up' drinking water. It was designed with purpose. Each element has meaning. It contains the actual ingredients of life (water and light) and was designed to generate awareness and to stand out among competing brands. The product, in and of itself, is the truest possible representation of the issue MOJO is working to solve.

Clean drinking water and a reliable source of light bound together for a purpose. As the water amplifies the range and luminosity of the LED lights, consider the possibilities. An evening walk, an enchanting replacement for candles or stored away for safekeeping, ready for an emergency.

MOJO is social by design

From a distance, MOJO's bright LED lights communicate a message. Connecting users and passers by, the colors of MOJO indicate something special or out of the ordinary is ahead. MOJO is an incredibly effective way to highlight moments in our lives we may want to share.

About the water

MOJO contains no chlorine, fluoride or chemicals of any kind. Nor do we artificially inflate the alkaline content. This allows MOJO to maintain a pH nearly identical to that of the human body. No other brand of water could be healthier. If we could run pipes to our customers' homes, MOJO would be perfect for daily use.

For now, we've packaged MOJO in a convenient little plastic container so it can be stored and easily transported. The containers are refillable and we encourage our customers to use them over and over again. What's more, every bottle of MOJO includes a tiny LED light! It's there to be seen and enjoyed but also to remind us about the issue we are all working to solve.

Use MOJO to light up special celebrations, like birthdays or anniversaries. Use MOJO to light up evening walks. Keep MOJO in around the home for an emergency or in the car, just in case. The possibilities for a bottle of clean drinking water and a reliable source of light are endless.

We think MOJO is useful and convenient but we also think it can be inspiring as well. We encourage our customers to buy what they need, enjoy the experience and along the way get creative. Reuse the packaging, re-purpose the product and consider how this tiny piece of technology could help make people's lives a little bit better.